FF&E Procurement | OS&E Procurement

We act as a purchasing agent by negotiating FF&E and OS&E purchases on the owner’s behalf for projects completed by TK Consulting.

Our disclosed fee is our only sole source of compensation. The benefits of our business model include:

• No kickbacks, rebates or software subscription or user fees

• Direct purchase from the manufacture through our partner company avoids the markup of a dealer/retail model

• Tax is incurred on the manufacturer's price, not the marked-up price in a typical dealer/retail model

• 100% transparency - Open book


• Process ensures the best equipment selection process in the market for your business

At TK Consulting we are fully integrated & engaged in the process. We're designers & hospitality professionals with our decisions based on the best interest of the client.


Our goal is to protect our client’s FF&E and OS&E investments, while providing best pricing, terms, customer service, fleet management and the timely delivery of your project. We accomplish this goal through our full service.

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